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From single panels to fully bespoke kennels.

Haborn Products are specialists in Kennels, Catteries, and all types of vehicle cages.

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Animal Housing Specialists

Why US?

Well for over 40 years we have been working with the UK’s top kennels along with supplying the MOD and even the Queen’s Sandringham Kennels.

Also, let me ask you a few questions:

  • All our panels have a centre bar, Do other panel makers have this? This takes the impact as the dog jumps against it.
  • All doors can be locked secure when you are inside the kennel, do other kennel makers do this?
  • Why use mesh instead of bars? Well bars bend and with the rising number of dog thefts where people place a scissor jack in between the bars to open them up, in our opinion mesh is the only option for a safe and secure kennel.

To make our point more visual take a look at the 2 images on this page.

So are haborn panels the cheapest? Probably not….

Are haborn panels value for money? Absolutely….

At Haborn Products we don’t sell cheap panels, we sell good panels cheap.

Haborn Panels are made for dog people and are made by dog people.